Dimensions Technologies will enable you to deploy CRM solution end-to-end across sales, marketing, and support organizations and experience faster ROI and tangible results. We can assist you with the following key steps in the CRM initiative life cycle :

  • Provide a feasibility study
  • Provide a CRM strategy
  • Provide a Solution Design :
    • Process Engineering and Reengineering to meet the CRM strategy
    • Technology selection and architecture
    • Requirements gathering and management for CRM IT implementation
  • Provide Solution Implementation and deployment
    • Analysis and design of the requirement
    • Deployment, customization and extension of key COTS CRMproducts such as Salesforce and Oracle Siebel CRM.
    • Data migration
    • QA/QC with proven testing methodology including load andperformance testing
    • End user support and training

Dimensions Technologies applies well proven CRM methodology where the above solution components can be delivered effectively and efficiently and where some of the above solution components (depending on technology used) can be completed in days and weeks rather than months and years.
On the IT implementation side, Dimensions technologies can assist you in implementing a CRM system with Oracle Siebel CRM or with Saleforce.com
Dimensions Technologies will assess the level of customization required and will recommend best practices and process reengineering to mainly improve business operations and reduce customization which ends up costing less in the deployment and later on in the maintenance phase.

Oracle Siebel

Sales force